Warm Loving Holiday - Red Carpet Option - with Sweep Option

$ 140.00

EASIFRAME OR FLEXTILE BACKDROP SYSTEMS: If you would like to ADD-ON the Silicone Edge to your 12x8' or 8x8' backdrop for our state-of-the-art Flextile backdrop system, OR add on the Silicone Edge for your 8x12', 8x15', 9x14', 9x15 or 10x15' SWEEP for the Easiframe Backdrop system, click here to add this to cart for EACH backdrop you wish to add it to.





WRINKLE  FREE FABRIC BACKDROPS: No more wrinkles! Our wrinkle resistant fabric is the next generation in backdrops. Simply clamp the top corners to your backdrop stand & secure the bottom corners or, adhere all corners directly to your studio wall- pull tight for a smooth finish. You can use magnets, push pins or painters tape to adhere to your wall. Super stretchy! Quick setup & change out. The ideal backdrop if you desire durability and longevity.

VALUE LUXE FABRIC: This budget friendly material is like wrinkle-free fabric and fleece had a baby. This material has a soft fleece texture but the thin profile of the wrinkle-free fabric that you already love, making it stretchier, and easier to store. This material was also added to our store with the economy in mind, allowing us to offer a beautiful but budget-friendly option to our customers.

FLEECE BACKDROPS: This wrinkle-resistant fabric is a thick sweatshirt material, hemmed around the edges and soft to the touch! Hang to a backdrop stand or studio wall just like our original wrinkle-free fabric. Fleece add a cost-effective portable option, with less stretch than Fabric, but added vibrance and the same durability and portability that you already love. Please note, due to the hemmed edge and intense heat-curing process, all fleece backdrops can lose an overall 3-4 inches on the total height & width. 

ULTRA STRETCH FABRIC: This is a soft, wrinkle-free polyester/spandex blend available in 80x60" and 60x50" (on our Petite Backdrop listings) only. It is vibrant and stretchy, and has quickly become a fan favorite. Similar to fleece, this item has a hemmed edge and can display up to 3-4 inches of total shrinkage due to this feature. This is not a defect. Available sizes: 60x50" Petite and 80x60" only.

POLY PAPER BACKDROPS: High quality blended poly paper, non-reflective surface & excellent print/color quality. Clamp the top corners to your backdrop stand & secure the bottom corners, or, adhere all corners directly to your studio wall with magnets, push pins or painters tape. Available sizes: 60x50 through 96x60" only.


Wrinkle Free Fabric, Value Luxe, Ultra Stretch & Fleece backdrops are machine washable (wash in cold water only) & can be placed in the dryer on low heat. Please note, If you purchased 60 inch fabric backdrops prior to November of 2021, or 8 foot fabric backdrops prior to July 2019, they are NOT machine washable and may only be spot cleaned. All fabric backdrops can be folded and stacked for easy storage and transporting. 

Prior to hanging: You may use a steamer or place in the dryer with a damp washcloth for 10 minutes using low heat to remove any crease lines. Our fabric and fleece backdrops are also stretchy, so simply pulling them tight when hanging and securing will remove any creases as well instantly!

Poly Paper Backdrops must be stored rolled or hung. Allow to air dry if it becomes wet or soiled. Gently dab wet area first using a soft cloth (do not wipe/scrub/rub). Use painters tape with caution. Ink will lift so exercise extreme care when using tape or exposing to water.


Backdrops are made to order based on the design, size and material combination you choose & will ship out within 1-2 weeks via UPS/USPS Priority as we utilize this time to queue, print, cut, package and ship your order.


Each backdrop is made to order, therefore we do not accept exchanges/refunds. However, if you would like to upgrade the size of your fabric or fleece backdrop, you may exchange the unused backdrop for the same design. Poly Paper and Mat Floors may not be returned/exchanged due to high shipping rates and risk of damage. Requests for exchanges, as well as order issues/defects need to be reported within 30 days of receipt.

Disclaimer: Actual printed product may vary slightly from actual stock image.
In use images show the printed product in use. Images may vary slightly depending on a photographer's particular lighting, editing style & photography technique.

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Holiday Red Carpet Holiday Red Carpet - Mat Floor Warm Loving Holiday - Wood Floor Option - with Sweep Option
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Holiday Red Carpet

Holiday Red Carpet

$ 140.00
Holiday Red Carpet - Mat Floor

Holiday Red Carpet - Mat Floor

$ 200.00
Warm Loving Holiday - Wood Floor Option - with Sweep Option

Warm Loving Holiday - Wood Floor Option - with Sweep Option

$ 140.00
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