What is your return/exchange/cancelation policy?
Our Printed Backdrops and Mat Floors and are custom printed to order based on your size and art work selected, therefore we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. 
Once your order is placed it cannot be canceled.
All sales are final. No exceptions to this rule!
For further information see our Store Policy Page

Items damaged during transit or defective product recieved:
If your order was received damaged or defective, please send us an email at FancyFabric@outlook.com within 30 days of delivery.
Photos of damage/defect must be submitted, defects/damages must be submitted within 30 days.

Do you ship Internationally?
Yes, we do ship World Wide! International Shipping is available at check out. If you are unable to select a shipping option for some reason, please email us so we can assist: FancyFabric@outlook.com

Printed Backdrop/Mat Floor Orientation:
Our Products are all listed using the US Customary Measurement System, and will print in "landscape" orientation, as pictured in the square and rectangular Backdrop crop. 

Measurements using the symbol: " are measured in inches.
Measurements using the symbol: ' are measured in feet.
Our Printed Backdrops/Mat Floors are listed width x height.
Example: An 84x60" design would be 84 inches wide (horizontally across) and 60 inches tall (vertically).
A 7x5' Floor is 7 feet wide, 5 feet tall.
The main image shown is a low resolution image of how the Printed Backdrop or Mat Floor will print in a 60x60" or 8x8' crop.
The rectangular image of the Design shows a low resolution example of how the rectangular crops will print. 

Can you expedite my order?
Please email FancyFabric@outlook.com prior to placing your order to see if we are able to assistance in expediting your order.
Additional fees may apply.

I only received part of my order, do my items ship separately?
The following items will ship separately due to the different type of materials different packaging required for each.

Any RTS (ready to ship) items purchased in the same transaction with items of the same material will automatically ship together to combine shipping. If you wish to have the ready to ship items ship separately additional shipping fees may incur.

Poly Paper Backdrops: Poly Paper can ship only with other Poly Paper Backdrops in a 61in. x 3in. x 3in. cylinder shipping tube.

Printed Fabric Backdrops, Posing Fabrics, Wraps, Wooden Bowls: Printed Backdrops and Posing Fabrics/Wraps will automatically be combined to ship together.
Wooden Bowls will automatically be combined to ship with small Fabric orders. (Printed Fabric Backdrops, Posing Fabrics, Wraps).
If you do not wish to combine shipping please email: Fancyfabric@outlook.com additional fees may apply.

Mat Floors: Our Mat Floors can only ship with other Mat Floors placed in the same order. Our Mat Floors ship from a separate warehouse and shipping can not be combined with other items.

Wool Flokati Rugs: Our 100% Wool hand-made Flokati Rugs will ship separate from all other items in your order.
Shipping will only be combined (automatically) for International orders that also contain Printed Fabric Backdrops, Posing Fabrics and/or Wraps (Poly and Mat Floors will ship separately).

How long before my order ships?

Printed Backdrops:
Our Printed Backdrops are custom made to order and can take 1-2 weeks to process before shipping via USPS Priority Mail. International orders will ship via USPS and can take 6-14 days to deliver in addition to the processing time.

Mat Floors: Our Mat Floors are custom made to order and take 1-2 weeks processing before shipping via UPS Ground. International orders will ship via USPS and can take 6-14 days to deliver in addition to the processing time.

Posing Fabrics/Wraps: Shipping will be automatically combined if you purchase Fabric Printed Backdrops and Posing Fabrics/Wraps in the same order; your Fabrics/Wraps will ship in 1-2 weeks with your Fabric Printed Backdrop via USPS Priority Mail. International orders will ship via USPS and can take 6-14 days to deliver in addition to the processing time.
For orders with only Posing Fabrics/Wraps your order will ship within 1-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail. International orders will ship via USPS and can take 6-14 days to deliver in addition to the processing time.

Wool Flokati Rugs: Our hand-made 100% Wool Flokati Rugs will arrive to you within 3 weeks via UPS. International Orders may take 4-6 weeks to deliver and shipping will be automatically combined with any Fabric Printed Backdrops and/or Posing Fabrics/Wraps.

Wooden Bowls: Our Wooden Bowls ship within 1-3 business days via UPS Ground.

Exceptions for processing/delivery times:
Unexpected delays can occur during natural disasters/heavy storms and during major US Holidays.
Mail can also be delayed for P.O. Box addresses, and those who live in rural areas.
During Major US Holidays Mat Floors will process in 2-3 weeks.

Please email customer service at FancyFabric@outlook.com if you need assistance expediting an order.
Please reach out before placing your order if you have questions regarding our processing times, as your order cannot be canceled once placed.

Why can't I mix materials when ordering a design as a "set"?:
If you plan to use a design as a "set", (one backdrop as a floor, and one used as a wall) we strongly recommend using two designs in the same size and material for the best match.
The Mat Flooring is a much different material than our Poly Paper and Fabric, and is printed on a different printer using different color profile (CMYK vs RGB).
Because of the different material, printer, and color profile, the Mat Floors will usually two shades different than the Poly Paper or Fabric Backdrops.
We are unable to guarantee an exact match when purchasing two separate design in different materials. 
When purchasing two different materials for a set, you are knowingly accepting this risk.
No refunds, exchanges or returns will be allowed in the event that your set does not match.

What is the difference between Poly Paper and Wrinkle Free Fabric?
Our Poly Paper backdrops are a water resistant, high quality, synthetic coated paper with a glare-free, matte surface and excellent print quality; they're not wrinkle free but, the cost effective alternative to our Wrinkle Free Fabric Backdrops. 

You can set up your Poly Paper Backdrop by carefully clamping it to your backdrop stand, taping with painters tape (use caution when using tape) or tacking it to your wall and, it can be stored by being hung or rolled like a poster.
Our Wrinkle Free Fabric Backdrops are a specially designed, stretchy, soft, poly-cotton blended fabric that's super easy to use, set up, store and travel with. This is the ideal backdrop if you desire a product with durability, longevity and ease of use.
Our Fabric Backdrops can be set up by clamping it to your backdrop stand, taping or tacking it to your wall and, can be stored away by folding it like a t-shirt.
You can throw your fabric backdrop in the dryer for a few minutes prior to use for an even more smooth finish.
Our backdrops come in a variety of different sizes, we recommend the 84x60". We find this size works well for most lenses and offers the most amount of backspace for overhead shots, and to avoid having to crop any details or elements.    

Do you take custom requests?
If you would like to have a custom design printed, please email us at FancyFabric@outlook.com Additional fees may apply.

Still have questions?
Contact us at FancyFabric@outlook.com for any other questions you may have! Please allow up to 1 business day for a reply. 
Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Excludes all major Holidays 

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