Silcone Edge Add-On Option for Flextile & Easiframe System Backdrops

$ 55.00

This option is an ADD-ON only.

Only “Wrinkle-Free Fabric” or "Essential Stretch Fabric" can be ordered with silicone added. This is not available for fleece, value luxe, etc.

🌟For our horizontal designs fitting the Flextile Backdrop System, this is only available in our 8x8' and 12x8' backdrops. 

🌟For sweeps fitting the Easiframe Backdrop (sweep) System, this is only available in 8x12', 8x15', 9x14' 9x15' and 10x15' Sweeps. This is available for most scene sweeps, but not those with wood floors, or our arch walls due to the curve of the Easiframe system. If your chosen scene sweep will not work on Easiframe, we will email you.

-This silicone edge is sewn into the backdrop before shipping.

Please specify in the required comment box the NAME of the backdrop design in your cart that you require silicone on. 

HOW TO ORDER/VERY IMPORTANT: You must add this option for each separate backdrop that requires silicone. The charge is PER BACKDROP.