Easiframe Backdrop System

Base System
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Experience the magic of Easiframe, the revolutionary backdrop system design to make your sweeps next level easy! With a sewn-in silicone edge, your easiframe sweeps will tuck securely into the backdrop frame pulling the backdrops tight for a smooth, flawless finish. Perfect for groups, kids, dancers and more!

**The Original Easiframe 8x12 kit comes with all of the necessary pieces to build your 8x12' Easiframe system, as well as optional pieces to mount it to a wall, or set it up on a backdrop stand. Works with 8x12' Easiframe sweep backdrops only. *Case and extension kids sold separately*

**12pc Multi-Size Extension Kit for creating builds up to 10x15': this upgraded all-in-one extension kit consists of 12 extension bars (system sold separately) and converts from 8x12' all the way up to 10x15' with our included extension pieces! Purchase easiframe backdrops in 8x12', 8x15', 9x14', 9x15' and 10x15' sweeps. This is a separate set of extension pieces- the base Easiframe system is sold separately.

**7pc 10x15' Extension Kitfor creating 8x15' and 10x15' builds: this extension kit consists of 7 extension bars (system sold separately) and converts from 8x12' to 8x15' OR 10x15' with the use our included extension pieces! Purchase Easiframe backdrops in 8x12', 8x15', and 10x15' sweeps. This is a separate set of extension pieces- the base Easiframe system is sold separately.

**To purchase a full Easiframe system including the necessary pieces to convert your system to sizes up to 10x15', you will need to add the Original Easiframe 8x12 kit AND the 12pc multi-size extension kit to your cart.

-If you wish to only utilize sizes 8x12, 8x15' and 10x15, you can purchase the Original Easiframe 8x12 system AND the 7pc 10x15 extension kit.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Assembly: The Easiframe Backdrop System is aptly named for its ease of use. Setting up your backdrop has never been simpler, thanks to its innovative design and user-friendly instructions. Within minutes, you can have a professional-quality backdrop ready to go.

  2. Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from high-quality materials, this backdrop system is built to last. The robust frame ensures stability, even in high-traffic areas, while the backdrop itself is designed to resist wear and tear.

  3. Customizable Backdrops: Whichever of our beautiful sweeps you're showcasing, Easiframe Backdrop System offers limitless creative possibilities. With its modular design, you can effortlessly swap out backdrops to suit any occasion.

  4. Optional 10x15 Extension Kit: Take your backdrop to the next level with the optional 10x15 Extension Kit. This add-on provides a generous amount of backdrop space, perfect for accommodating larger groups or creating more expansive settings.

  5. Versatile Applications: From corporate events and trade shows to weddings and photography studios, the Easiframe Backdrop System is adaptable to a wide range of settings and purposes. Use the included hardware to either display Easiframe against your wall, or make it freestanding by attaching two simple backdrop or light stands to the back with included brackets! (Light/backdrop stands not included)

  6. Portability and Storage: When the event or session is over, the Easiframe Backdrop System is just as easy to disassemble and store. Its compact design ensures hassle-free transport and storage.

  7. Exceptional Value: Investing in the Easiframe Backdrop System is an investment in quality and versatility. You'll be amazed at how it enhances your photo sessions, making a lasting impression on your clients!

With the Easiframe Backdrop System and the optional Extension Kit, you have the power to create captivating backdrops that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your photography sessions with this professional-grade backdrop system. Make a statement and capture memories with ease, style, and endless possibilities.

SHIPPING: System-only orders ship within 3-4 business days with UPS Ground. For orders including silicone-edge backdrops, items ship together and can take UP TO 10 business days to ship while the backdrops process.