Findlay Wood Planks Mat Floor

$ 200.00

IMPORTANT REGARDING WOOD FLOORING MATCHING SETS: Please note that while you can use a Mat Floor and a Fabric, Fleece or Poly Paper backdrop as a coordinating set (for wood designs) they WILL NOT perfectly match. These items are all printed on different printers and the materials reflect and absorb ink differently. This is not a defect and we will not process exchanges or returns for items not matching. When photographers display and actually use them with their lighting and professional cameras, this difference is typically not noticeable or easily fixed in a few seconds in photoshop. If you'd like a guaranteed match, order 2 of the same material at the same time. Orders of the same material at completely different times are also not guaranteed to match, as ink supply and printer calibration throughout normal maintenance of the printers, can affect outcome of the print.


Mat Floors are made to order based on the design, size and material combination you choose & will ship out within 2-4 weeks via UPS/USPS Priority as we utilize this time for our labs to queue, print, cut, package and ship your order. During higher volume times especially the weeks surrounding Black Friday, this can almost guarantee 3-4 turnaround times as the labs are bogged down with orders. Please plan accordingly, or email us to see if expediting is an option (for a fee).
Exchanges/Refunds: Each floor is made to order, and heavy to ship, therefore we do not accept exchanges/refunds. However, if your floor arrives with an issue, please email us to discuss replacement options. Requests for order issues/defects need to be reported within 30 days of receipt.

Actual printed product may vary slightly from actual stock image. 
In use images show the printed product in use. Images may vary slightly depending on a photographer's particular lighting, editing style & photography technique.




CARPET TOP MAT FLOORS: Our ultra durable Mat Floors have a non-slip, rubber backing, and feature a tightly woven exhibition style carpet topping with a soft fabric like feel, perfect for infants and children. We highly recommend using Mat Floors for your flooring instead of poly or fabric for continual use due to their durability and longevity.  Mat Floors are printed on a raw material, so small imperfections/markings, bubbles or markings may be present in the print and are not a flaw. If your floor has minor bubbles or waves, try pulling them out with the assistance of a friend, or laying it out in a the hot sun or a hot room. This will usually soften the rubber enough to relax them. You can also lay heavy objects on top of the spots to flatten them out. The carpet material unfortunately does stretch in the manufacturing process they will not always lay completely flat.  This is the nature of the product and we will not be able to accept returns due to this. This should not affect the photography. These are not recommended for cake smash sessions.

NEOPRENE "FOLDABLE" MAT FLOORS: Neoprene Mat Floors have a non-slip, rubber backing, with a soft and washable neoprene fabric top. This extremely durable flooring can be folded for storage and easy transporting. These amazing waterproof floors can be used for cake smashes, bubble bath sessions and more. Note: DO NOT LEAVE WATER OR FROSTING ON THE FLOOR LONG TERM. CLEAN IMMEDIATELY. We recommend using dark mats for darker colored icing cake smashes. While the white mats can still be used without staining, it is up to the user to ensure the icing is cleaned up quickly after your session so that the stain does not set in. If stains from dark icing or food occurs, you can use a stain remover on your neoprene mat. We recommend "Grandma's Secret Stain Remover, which can be purchased on Amazon. We were able to remove red, purple & blue icing on white neoprene floors with the stain remover. Please note, we are not responsible for any icing or food that may stain. It is recommenced that darker floors are used for bright colored icing. Neoprene Mat Floors are printed on a raw material, so small imperfections/markings, bubbles or markings may be present in the print and are not a flaw. NOTE: Neoprene floors will naturally print cooler tone due to the raw material used.



If your Mat Floor gets dirty, you can simply clean with Dawn soap and hose off using a high pressure hose. We do not recommend using carpet-top mat floors for cake smashes unless using white icing as the icing dye can stain your Mat Floor. Neoprene is washable and can be used for all cake smashes.

STORAGE: You can easily store your Mat Floor by rolling, or laying flat and stacking. We recommend storing your floor flat to avoid denting or bubbling. Neoprene can be folded and stacked.