Blue Bunny Burrow 2pc Room

$ 715.00

2 piece set meant to be mounted/hung/displayed in the corner of your space for a 3D "room" effect! 

Our 2 Piece Room Includes Two Backdrops in the following options (Flooring not included): 

8x7/10x7' Room:
1- 8x7' - Bunny Burrow Fabric Backdrop
1- 10x7' - The Blue Bunny Fabric Backdrop 

10x7/10x7' Room:
1- 10x7' - Bunny Burrow Fabric Backdrop
1- 10x7' - The Blue Bunny Fabric Backdrop 

10x8/8x8' Room:
1-8x8' - Bunny Burrow Fabric Backdrop
1-10x8' - The Blue Bunny Fabric Backdrop 

10x8/10x8' Room:
1-10x8' - Bunny Burrow Fabric Backdrop
1-10x8' - The Blue Bunny Fabric Backdrop 

12x8/8x8' Room:
1- 8x8' - Bunny Burrow Fabric Backdrop
1-12x8' - The Blue Bunny Fabric Backdrop 

12x8/10x8' Room:
1-10x8' - Bunny Burrow Fabric Backdrop
1-12x8' - The Blue Bunny Fabric Backdrop 

12x8/12x8' Room:
1- 12x8' - Bunny Burrow Fabric Backdrop
1- 12x8' - The Blue Bunny Fabric Backdrop

FABRIC BACKDROPS: No more wrinkles! Our new wrinkle resistant fabric is the next generation in backdrops. Simply clamp the top corners to your backdrop stand & secure the bottom corners or, tape all corners directly to your studio wall- pull tight for a smooth finish. Quick setup & change out. The ideal backdrop if you desire durability and longevity.

CARE: Fabric Backdrops can be folded & stacked for easy storage/transporting. They are water resistant & can be gently spot cleaned by dabbing using a lightly dampened soft cloth (clean using water only & do not wipe/scrub/rub). Remove wrinkles or creases by placing in the dryer 10 minutes prior to using.
If your Mat Floor gets dirty, you can simply clean with Dawn soap and hose off using a high pressure hose. We do not recommend using for cake smashes unless using white icing, the icing dye can stain your Mat Floor. 

PROCESSING: All Printed Backdrops are custom made to order based on your unique art, material and size and take 1-2 weeks to process before shipping.

SHIPPING: After the 1-2 week processing period, US orders ship via USPS Priority Mail, which is a 2-3 business day delivery.
International orders: After the 1-2 week processing period, Fabric backdrop orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail which is a 6-10 business day delivery.

EXCHANGES/REFUNDS: Each backdrop is custom made to order, therefore we do not accept exchanges/refunds/returns.

Actual printed product may vary slightly from actual stock image. 
In use images show the printed product in use. Images may vary slightly depending on a photographer's particular lighting, editing style & photography technique.