Use code TESTER50 on this category ONLY! Please email us with 2-3 images of each backdrop within 30 days of receipt. Images are to be used on our website. Please provide at least one image showing the full design or most of it. *NO BLACK & WHITE IMAGES* Please ensure proper lighting and color. Make sure to pull backdrops right to ensure there are no wrinkles. If you need suggestions on the best way to hang them, feel free to reach out!

If images are not provided within 30 days of receipt, the order will be adjusted to 40% off and a 10% invoice will be sent. Tester will also be blocked from future tester orders.

Cannot be combined with other codes/discounts. Code will not work on backdrops not in this collection.

When Posting in Our FB Group please make sure to write "TESTER" in the post.

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