Denim Blue Wood Planks Mat Floor

$ 150.00

MAT FLOORS: Mat floors are not available for International shipping.
Our Ultra durable Mat Floors have a non-slip, rubber backing, and a soft fabric feel to the top of floor, perfect for infants and children. We highly recommend using Mat Floors for Flooring instead of poly or fabric for continual use due to their durability and longevity.

CARE: If your Mat Floor gets dirty, you can simply clean with Dawn soap and hose off. We do not recommend using for cake smashes unless using white icing, the icing dye can stain your Mat Floor. 

STORAGE: You can easily store your Mat Floor by rolling, or laying flat and stacking.

SHIPPING: Mat Floors are made to order & will ship out within 1-2 weeks via UPS 

EXCHANGES/REFUNDS: Each Mat Floor is made to order, therefore we do not accept exchanges/refunds.