Apple Green Wool Flokati Rug

$ 135.00

We are so excited to now offer 100% hand made Flokati wool rugs. These rugs are super soft, thick, and plush!


For front load washing machines, wash on delicate cycle on cold water. Use a touch of mild soap generally used for wool blends. You can also add liquid fabric softener if desired. If you do not have a front load washing machine, hand washing is recommend.

Hang or lay flat to dry, DO NOT put in the dryer!

Once dry, brush the Flokati rug with a metal brush, beginning at the center of the rug and working your way outward. Metal pet grooming brushes work great to keep the fluff of your rug 

Shipping: Please allow 3 weeks for your Flokati to arrive in the mail. International shipping may take 4-6 weeks.

NOTE: In order to save on shipping costs for International customers, flokati rug orders that include other Fabrics in our shop will ship together. To receive your other items separately, please place a separate order.