Neoprene Mat Floors

NEOPRENE "FOLDABLE" MAT FLOORS: Neoprene Mat Floors have a non-slip, rubber backing, with a soft and washable neoprene fabric top. This extremely durable flooring can be folded for storage and easy transporting.

These amazing waterproof floors, can be used for cake smashes, bubble bath sessions and more. We recommend using dark mats for darker colored icing cake smashes. While the white mats can still be used without staining, it is up to the user to ensure the icing is cleaned up quickly after your session so that the stain does not set in. If stains from dark icing or food occurs, you can use a stain remover on your neoprene mat. We recommend "Grandma's Secret Stain Remover, which can be purchased on Amazon. We were able to remove red, purple & blue icing on white neoprene floors with the stain remover. Please note, we are not responsible for any icing or food that may stain. It is recommenced that darker floors are used for bright colored icing. Neoprene Mat Floors are printed on a raw material, so small imperfections/markings, bubbles or markings may be present in the print and are not a flaw. NOTE: Neoprene floors will naturally print cooler tone due to the raw material used.